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Juvenile Crimes

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Juvenile Crimes

Clark County Attorney Defending Against Drug Crimes, Shoplifting, and Other Charges

Juvenile crime, also known as juvenile delinquency, is participation in illegal behavior by minors, ie by individuals who are younger than the statutory age of majority. Depending on the type and the severity of the offense committed, it is possible for persons under 18 to be charged and tried as adults. And though most juvenile crimes are similar to those for adult offenders, the penalties and laws associated with juvenile crimes are very different. These charges could have serious repercussions on the minors future and they could follow him all the way into adulthood.

Hence it is imperative that the minor be represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney who is working with you to help protect your child’s rights and future.

The law firm of XXX, believes in defending the rights of clients. We also believe that juveniles have a better chance at life if they get placed at a child rehabilitation instead of placement in a state facility. We believe that children deserve a second chance. Often times, children are not aware of the magnitude of their actions. Sometimes learning disabilities or impulse control problems like A.D.HD. or A.D.D might trigger the offenses. Hence while medication or a good therapist might fix the issues, they might end up in the juvenile justice system. There might be attempts to take away the child or sentence them to detention in a youth facility such as a boot camp or juvenile hall.

Here at our law firm, we have been defending the rights of clients for more than XXX years. We work aggressively to keep your child out of state facilities. We understand the needs of minors and how to protect their rights in juvenile court.

If your child faces criminal charges, your primary concern should be that your child remains out of jail and that this charge does not remain on his/her criminal record and potentially limit future opportunities.

We take every measure to keep your child out of detention and also advocate available diversion programs including anger management, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and other programs as appropriate to your child’s case.

We represent clients facing juvenile charges range from, attempted murder, murder, robbery, car jacking,car theft, hate crimes, assault and battery, drug possession, DUI and many other charges. No matter what the charge, we treat each case as one where we need to get the charges against our client dropped. If getting the charges dropped is not an option, then we fight on our clients behalf to ensure that the impact of the charges is minimized. We want to help our clients resolve the legal issue they are facing and also help get their life back on track and help their families too.