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Las Vegas Theft Attorney

Theft crimes range from small petty ones to large ones and the penalties levied vary depending on the severity of the charge. Penalties could range from probation to years in jail.

Our caring and committed legal team offers XX combined years of experience in negotiating, investigating and litigating your case. We minimize your risks by seeking to dismiss the charges or having them reduced if at all possible.

We deal in the following kinds of cases:
Burglary: Entering a structure with the intent to commit a felony.
Robbery: Using force to obtain someone else’s money or personal property.
Grand theft auto: Ranges from hot-wiring a vehicle and driving away with it to failing to return a rental car.
Shoplifting or retail theft: Intentionally stealing store property without paying.
Pickpocketing:Similar to robbery but unlike robbery, it does not involve force or threats.

Fraud and identity theft are sometimes committed by an individual through a variety of channels. With the Internet becoming a common tool to commit crimes such as forgery or credit card theft, being accused of fraud, embezzlement, or any type of theft crime can greatly damage your reputation and put your future at risk.